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First Time Home Buying and College Debt

Studies report that once your debt related to college exceeds $25,000 you are much likely to consider purchasing a home as opposed to someone who has little of no college debt.  This dilemma applies to Millennials, many of whom are burdened with with excessive debt levels.  Of course coming out of college we expect a return on investment related to obtaining a college degree.  Earning potential, conceptually should be permit the offset any financial impositions related to from obtaining a college degree, the cost of college.  While this is generally true, the millennial generation still seems to be getting older as they enter the housing market.

There is a bit of a juggling act.

Do you save for the down payment or pay back college loans first?  . If you’ve already saved up, do you use that money for a house or to pay off student loans. What are the qualifying guidelines for buying a home.  If you are not aware of these how can you prepare for home ownership.  What is the minimum required credit score in order to qualify for a home.   How much cash does it take to make that 1st purchase and are there special first time home buyer programs to assist (BTW… Yes !)

You may want to seek guidance

Guidance could be in the form of a financial planner, tax account and a whole host of other parties including a real estate professional.  We still contend that investing in a home is generally a sound investment and a tool for building additional net wealth over time.  Early in the game there should be a clear understanding of the rent versus owning concept.  It is very simple but often time totally misunderstood.

Our advise, make the call and explore home buying regardless of your college debt.  It does not cost anything to become informed.  In the short term, maybe it is not the time.  But if it appears so, there can be financial  and personal benefits.  Call the Pinnacle Real Estate Co. today at 410-560-3556 for a no obligation meeting to explore answers to these questions and others.

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