3D Rendering Of A House With Garage On Top Of Blueprints

Always Searching for Creative Home Loans

3D Rendering Of A House With Garage On Top Of BlueprintsThere are always a hosts of creative home loans that become available that allow a home buyer to accomplish special goals.  This could pertain to a lower interest rate that can save hundreds per month… or down payment and closing costs assistance that can help you purchase a home with limited resources… or a renovation loan that would allow you to acquire a home and immediately renovate to make it LIKE NEW.  The list goes on and on and some of these programs are rolled out just for a limited time, sometimes apply only to certain circumstances and possibly limited geographic areas .

A critical element of the role of a real estate professional is to flush out these programs, clearly understand their features and benefits and then make them available to the Buyers and Sellers that we serve.

My role as the principal at The Pinnacle Real Estate Company is to seek these creative home loans and  collaborate with our licensed professionals to make these programs available every day to the clients that we serve.

Take a look that this NEW program being rolled out in a joint effort between the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore for those who wish to purchase a home in the Baltimore City.


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